3 Reasons to Visit Your Optometrist by the End of the Year

The end of the year is fast approaching, and there is no better time to visit your optometrist. Not convinced? These three reasons may change your mind.

You Won’t Waste Your FSA Balance

Don’t lose the money remaining in your flexible spending account (FSA). Use it for an eye exam or new pair of glasses or contacts. Although some employers extend the FSA deadline to March, others are firm about the December 31st deadline. If you don’t use your FSA funds by your employer’s due date, you will lose the remaining balance. Why not make an appointment now and avoid worries about missing the deadline, whenever it may be?

You Just Might Find a Great Deal on Eyewear

A new year means a new selection of frames, but it also often means there’s not enough room to display them in your optometrist’s office. Holiday shopping deals are not just limited to big-screen TVs; your optometrist may also offer deals you won’t want to pass up.

You’ll Start the New Year off Right

Cross off a few of your New Year’s resolutions a little early. Don’t put off making that visit to your optometrist a minute longer. Even slight changes in your prescription can affect your vision. After your visit, you will be able to face the New Year with crystal clear vision and a fashionable new pair of frames.

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